There’s no way around it, divorce is difficult and painful for everyone involved, and it may be useful to have family counseling Bethesda, MD families count on for times like this. Even though the divorce was likely inevitable, you can take action to help your family, especially your children, accept it and adjust to the new arrangement and family dynamic. It likely hasn’t been, and won’t be, easy for them, but talking through things as a family may help them to adjust and feel secure, loved, and accepted. Call a reliable counseling clinic today to schedule an appointment for your family to get started.

  • Effective Communication
    Positive and effective communication is difficult to achieve for many people, especially family members going through something as difficult as divorce. Your children may not know how to properly express their emotions, and it may be coming out in rude speech, no more or little speaking, violent outbursts, etc. In order to get through this and hold on to your relationships with your children, you will need to be able to have effective communication where everyone is being heard and understood. A therapist facilitating may be the answer to this problem.
  • Work Through Difficult Emotions
    Everyone involved in the divorce is likely feeling more emotions than they are speaking about to each other, and these emotions typically affect how you react to one another. A family counselor can help you all work through these emotions as a family, and it may be beneficial for everyone to have the opportunity to explain how they feel, be listened to and validated, and then move through it together.
  • Ensure Family Members are Feeling Secure
    The future can feel very uncertain for everyone when divorce is on the horizon or already happened. Children especially may feel like their world has been turned upside down and unsure of anything, making them feel very insecure in life and their situation. Understanding this and discussing it with your children while guided by a counselor can help you make sure that everyone in the family understands the situation and future plans so that they can feel more secure about their place.
  • Improve Relationships Between Family Members
    It is not uncommon for members of the family to blame each other, or themselves, for the divorce and it may be beneficial for the relationships of all of the members of the family to discuss these things with a family therapist who is qualified to facilitate these conversations. It is important that all the family relationships are kept and worked on in order to keep the family unit thriving. 

Call a Family Counselor Today

Divorce by its nature is a major split and disruption to the family as a unit, but it is still important for all of the members of the family to communicate and keep healthy relationships even under these circumstances. An experienced counselor from a reputable clinic, like Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, can help. Call an office today to schedule an appointment.