Because car accidents are an extremely frequent occurrence and cause many severe injuries to those involved, but many do you some good to know that your orthopedic knee doctor such as the ones available Premier Osteoarthritis Centers of Pennsylvania are aware that vehicular accidents are one of the leading causes of knee pain and knee injuries. This means that your orthopedic new Dr. has a lot of experience dealing with the whims of car wrecks, who come in with knee pains that vary in severity.

One of the reasons that new injuries are so common in car ask is because passengers are considered to have a very vulnerable position in the cabin of the car. When a car hits another object, the passengers’ knees are able to slam into the steering wheel, the dashboard, even the side of the car door depending on the type of impact. The treatment and recovery for car accident knee injury is going to vary and be highly dependent upon the damage and the severity of the damage.

Let’s talk about some of the most common knee injuries and some of the treatment options available.

Common Types of Knee Injuries

A torn meniscus is caused when the knee has shifted abruptly and tears to meniscus, when this happens the knee swells around the meniscus tears and the injury may also cause the joint to lock up or click when the leg is extended. Surgery is the only treatment option for a torn meniscus in your orthopedic knee doctor is going to be able to recommend the appropriate type of surgery for you needs.

A dislocated patella is caused by the jolt from an accident causing the kneecap to move out of place. You may have issues extending and flexing the joy after has become dislocated, and the only way to 100% diagnose a dislocated kneecap is for an x-ray to be done to ensure the patella is not fractured as well. The kneecap can be repositioned quite easily and the orthopedic knee doctor is going to recommend exercises to keep the patella in position as you recover.

A tendon rupture occurs when one of the various tendons ruptures in the knee and causes extreme pain, and this may occur after the patella has been dislocated. Most tendon ruptures are dealt with surgically.

Torn ligaments can happen in various ways however ACL injuries are most often due to sports, MCL injuries may occur during car accidents as well but they do not often occur. The most common type of torn ligament that you will see occurring after a car accident is a PCL which means the posterior cruciate ligament. This is often referred to as dashboard need, and patients who want to restore mobility after this ligament injury may elect to have a surgical procedure to repair the damage; however your orthopedic knee doctor may make other suggestions if they are fit for you.

You should be aware that you should look for discoloration after a car accident because a car collision can cause more than fair ligaments and tendons, it can also damage nerves and arteries and leave the knee quite discolored as well compromising the circulation system of the leg.