Tips for Writing a Company Description

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Are you tasked with writing a company description for your business plan, website, or another purpose? Composing a company description can sometimes be a daunting task, but if you understand the essential elements, you can put together an exciting and informative business description almost effortlessly.

A company description summarizes crucial details about your company, such as your location, size of the company, what your business does, and what you hope to accomplish. The vision and direction of the company should be made crystal clear so that potential clients, customers, partners, and lenders can realize an accurate and authentic impression about who you are.


What Should a Company Description Include?

Although the specific elements included in your business description can vary, some of the most crucial parts to consider include:

  • Company name

This should be the official name of the business as registered in the state where your business operates.

  • Type of business structure

Several choices exist here, such as a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or corporation.

  • Ownership and management team

List the names of the key people behind the company.

  • Location

Identify the company’s headquarters and any other relevant sites.

  • Company history

Here, you can include information such as:

    • When was the business conceived and started?
    • What inspiration prompted you to start this company?
    • What need does your business fulfill?
  • Mission statement

Compose a clear statement that represents the overall purpose and intent of your business. Include your company’s products or services and target market, plus a concise summary of what you plan to sell and to whom.

  • Vision statement  

Formulate a purposeful statement regarding how you envision the future of the business.

  • Objectives

Create an overview of what you aim to accomplish in the immediate future based on your mission, vision, and goals for future growth.

Essential Tips for Writing Your Business Description

Here are some tips for writing a comprehensive business description that answers readers’ questions.

  1. Begin with an Elevator Pitch  

Start with a paragraph that captures all of the essential information about your business. Imagine yourself giving an elevator pitch about your business and convey the key elements in just a few sentences.

  1. Cover High-Level Information

Don’t get too bogged down in the specific details—just provide a high-level overview and leave out the small stuff.

  1. Highlight Your Passion

Let your passion and enthusiasm show in your company description. Explain the reason you started the business and what you aim to accomplish. Show your excitement in the tone of your writing, as you want to get the reader interested in the company.

  1. Be Concise

Make it clear and concise. When you’re writing about your passion and enthusiasm for your company, it is often easy to be carried away and use more words than necessary. Once you’ve composed your draft, go back and remove any unnecessary details or duplicate information.

  1. Have You Description Proofread

Someone who hasn’t seen various drafts of your business description can review it objectively for typos, grammatical errors, or problems with the flow that might detract from the impact it has on the reader.

  1. Get Professional Help

Launching and managing your own company is less time-consuming and stressful when you have professional help. Don’t hesitate to contact and consult with a qualified business professional for assistance with writing your company description and other practical advice on entrepreneurship and management.