Keeping Yourself Safe During a Demolition Project

Before beginning an at-home demolition or remodeling project, it is important to take safety into consideration. When part of a home or other property is torn down, harmful materials can be released into the air. Or, if not done properly workers can be at-risk for having building material fall on top of them. Demolition is not something to just start doing on a whim without any planning. In many cases, before a person can start an at-home project, they must hire a professional, like a professional demolition company in Los Angeles, CA, to do an evaluation of the home for potential risks. Some people may work with a demolition team to complete the project they have in mind, as a way to prevent a tragic accident. 

Q: What is the biggest concern about doing a project without demolition professionals?

A: Safety is the number one priority when it comes to demolition. The average person who has no experience working with buildings or destruction, may commit a vital mistake that sends someone to the emergency room. A person who begins a demolition project that hasn’t thought out structural supports, may cause an unintentional collapse. Anyone working or living in the home during this time may be in jeopardy of injury or even death. When in doubt, it may be best to at least speak with a demolition professional for insight. 

Q: Do my neighbors have a right to complain about all the noise?

A: Neighbors may hate nothing more than constant noise, particularly from heavy machinery used to break down walls and upheave flooring. If you do not follow regulations for your city, your neighbor’s complaints may actually severely halt your project. There may be a time-frame throughout the day that you are permitted to work on the project. But if you go past these hours, your neighbors can file a complaint against you. It may be best to talk with your neighbors about the demolition and find a middle ground. 

Q: It is possible to be environmentally conscious during the project?

A: Many people nowadays want to be respectful of our natural world, especially during major projects. It is not uncommon for demolition companies to offer services that help recycle or reuse building material collected from the destruction. While this may come at an extra cost and take more time, the person leading the project can save money through reusing material and obtain a sense of environmental stewardship. 

Q: Is it safe to work around a small amount of asbestos?

A: No amount of asbestos is safe. This material was used often in the mid-1900s and may still be found in homes or properties built prior to when regulations were established. Asbestos was used in building material due to its ability to resist heat, electricity and chemical corrosion. The dangerous thing about asbestos is that it cannot be seen readily with the eye, and a person may ingest or inhale it without even knowing. Asbestos cannot be easily purged from the body, and slowly accumulates after repeated exposures. Serious illness may eventually develop as a result of this exposure. 

Thank you to the experts at Nielsen Environmental for their contributions to keeping yourself safe during a demolition project.