When trying to find the best treatments for what ails you, many people are often very specific about what kind of treatment they want. Depending on your injury or sickness, you might be considering an invasive technique like surgery, or perhaps you prefer to go a more natural route with your healing, like using a chiropractor. However, there is another branch of medicine that supports a natural form of healing known as naturopathic medicine. Below, you will find more information on this kind of treatment.

What Is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic medicine is the process of healing your body by using natural and holistic remedies. It encourages your body to heal itself through the use of different techniques, such as physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, nutritional wellness, and exercise. It is considered significantly less invasive than typical medical surgeries and is helpful to those who would rather not be under the influence of heavy medications while they heal.

Are There Specific Conditions That a Naturopathic Doctor Will See?

You are not required to have any specific condition when visiting a naturopathic doctor. In fact, if you are also seeing another healthcare professional or have seen one in the past, many Naturopathic doctors will work in tandem with other medical professionals to determine the best treatment for your unique condition.

What Difference Would I See Between Conventional Medicine And Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic Medicine focuses on establishing what the root cause of your pain or illness is instead of just treating your symptoms. By looking at your condition holistically, your naturopathic doctor can establish a routine for you that works best for your needs. This might be through a mix of lifestyle changes—like diet and exercise—and physical therapy or chiropractic massages. By looking at your illness from many different angles, your Naturopathic doctor can help promote healing through your body’s natural ability to recover.

What Can I Expect From My First Appointment?

A few things you can expect from your first appointment are:

·      An evaluation of your health history

·      Stress factors in your life

·      Exercise and nutritional habits, and

·      Potentially various lab tests

Once these have been assessed, your doctor can then recommend various lifestyle changes or therapies to begin your healing process.

What Kind of Education Does a Naturopathic Doctor Receive?

Doctors who are trained in Naturopathic Medication receive the traditional four-year undergraduate degree in pre-med from accredited schools. In addition, they will also be trained a minimum of 4 additional years at an accredited naturopathic college that is recognized by the US Department of Education. In the first half of their training, they will receive basic education in pathology and diagnosis as well as the basic sciences. Once they have completed these successfully, they can concentrate in an area of their choosing, such as nutrition, homeopathy, pharmacology, and more. Additionally, they are all required to pass the national board exams and their specific state licensing exams.

Can I Still See Other Doctors for Medical Concerns?

Naturopathic Doctors often encourage collaboration with other medical institutions. In cases where stronger drugs and surgery are necessary, they are not opposed to more invasive measures.