If you are facing a charge of tax evasion or tax fraud, you should take urgent action right away to have your issue resolved. The IRS will pursue anyone who is suspected to have not paid their share of taxes or have committed tax fraud. An IRS tax lawyer like one from Crepeau Mourges who has a strong understanding of tax collection and a proven record of assisting clients caught in time-sensitive and intricate tax dilemmas can help you understand your situation and find solutions. They have the skills and resources to assist you with your tax issues and prevent the IRS from harassing you about debt collection. 

What can a tax lawyer assist me with? 

Owing money to the IRS can cause you much stress and anxiety. Going through the process of efficiently and immediately resolving your tax issues can be overwhelming. You may think you have properly reported your taxes, only to find out that you made some crucial errors. If these issues are not addressed and fixed properly, it can catch the attention of the IRS. If you notice any mistakes after you file your taxes, you have to take immediate action to resolve them right away to avoid being penalized.

An IRS tax lawyer can assist you with a variety of various tax issues. As lawyers who specialize in sophisticated tax law, they have the knowledge and skills to help clients who have even the most difficult and complex cases. They can determine what your tax issues are, how to resolve them, and how to avoid consequences you may be facing or have charges dropped. A lawyer can help you settle any tax disputes or settle debt issues. 

What are the consequences of tax fraud or tax evasion? 

Individuals who are accused of intentionally leaving out income or assets when they file taxes can experience serious consequences. If you ignore any notice about debt collection, the IRS has the power to take certain actions against you. The consequences for tax fraud or tax evasion include: 

  • Asset and property seizure
  • Wage garnishment
  • Tax lien filing
  • Interest and charges
  • International travel restrictions
  • Fines and/or jail time

Why do I need a lawyer’s help? 

Failing to pay your tax-related debt can result in steep fines and criminal charges. Individuals face lengthy jail time if they do not pay their taxes. By having a consultation with an experienced tax lawyer, you can get all the information and legal guidance you need to avoid suffering consequences and resolve your debt issues. Contact a top-rated tax lawyer today.