Debt collectors gain most of their profits from good natured people who fall behind on student loans, medical bills, credit card debts, home mortgages, auto loans, and more. Collection agencies can be persistent and intimidating in their tactics, as a way to pressure a debtor into paying. A bankruptcy lawyer, like one at The Law Offices of Neil Crane, wants debtors to know that certain debt collection strategies may actually be in violation of your rights. There is a fine line between annoyance that still operates within boundaries of the law, and hostile threats that breach state and/or federal laws. Here we have provided information about how you can deal with relentless debt collection agencies: 

Request Information in Writing

Before getting into a heated discussion with a debt collector on the phone, request that a debt statement is sent to you in writing via mail. Debt collectors are known for saying things that are incorrect and misleading, just to get money out of you. By asking for written information, you now have a paper trail and tangible proof in case the collection agencies tactics are unlawful. 

Send a Cease to Contact Letter

If you don’t want to be bothered by debt collectors over the phone, you can send a cease-and-desist letter through certified mail that states you no longer wish to be contacted. If you receive calls after that letter is received, the debt collection agency is likely in violation of federal law and legal action can be taken with assistance from an attorney at The Law Offices of Neil Crane. Keep in mind that after sending this letter, it doesn’t mean they will halt trying to collect on debts, it simply means they cannot call you on the phone to talk about it. 

Be Wary of Fake Debt Collectors

Perhaps the only other worse circumstances than being pestered by a debt collection agency, is being tricked by a fake one. Debtors may become scammed by fake debt collection agencies, who use the same shady tactics to get money. Fake agencies may threaten you with an arrest or other untrue punishments. To stop the scam, ask the caller to provide their name, company name, address, and business phone number. Then, verify each of their answers before continuing any conversations.

Consider Negotiating

A lawyer at The Law Offices of Neil Crane can help you negotiate a deal with the debt collection agency. Depending on how much you owe, you may even be able to settle on an amount that is less than your total accrued. Calculate how much you can afford to pay every month or in full, and see if the collection agency accepts. If a collection agency is desperate to meet their goals or deadlines, they may be more open to negotiation.

If you are concerned that a debt collection agency is using sneaky and illegal tactics to get money out of you, please contact a lawyer at The Law Offices of Neil Crane immediately. We can help get these agencies to halt, and even take action against them if needed.