Catering for Corporate Events

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Catering for Corporate Events

In year’s past, when you thought of using a catering service, you probably thought of weddings, corporate events, and large celebrations. Today, the services of a catering company can be used for many different types of get-togethers, whether it be formal or informal and large or small gatherings. Caterers can be used for any type of event, celebration, meeting, or even for small dinner parties. Hiring a caterer even if you think you can handle the event yourself frees you to personally be a part of the event without worrying about serving your guests or making sure the food is prepared correctly. 

The two major categories in the catering business are corporate events and wedding receptions. This article will focus on corporate events and how hiring a caterer can offer so many different food options while exploring different opportunities a caterer can be used for to make a normally mundane meal into an event in itself.

Corporate Events

In addition to traditional corporate events such as annual meetings or conferences, Holiday parties, etc., businesses can use caterers to bring in meals when employees work late for a special project. They can also serve breakfast before weekly meetings or serve lunch a few times a week or even on a regular basis. Offering meals to employees is a great benefit and a caterer has the ability to change up the menu and offer a variety of different options. From simply dropping off the food to staying, setting up, serving, cleaning up and taking down, caterers can be as much or as little involved in serving as the business needs require.

Many businesses are under the false impression that caterers simply deliver the food. However, depending on your event, the caterers can play a much bigger role than just dropping off the meals. Caterers are experienced in planning how you wish to serve your guests (buffet or plated), decorating with dinnerware and glasses, setting up and cleaning up.

Caterers Work with Corporate Planners 

Caterers also can work with your corporate planner to select the menu most appropriate to the event. They can be as involved as you need them to be. Some caterers are also experienced in the different aspects of catering from small, intimate lunches to large events such as launch parties, holiday parties, annual sales meetings, or company picnics. Packages offered by a catering service can include linens, all dinnerware, waitstaff, and servers if necessary, and setup and takedown. Contact a professional catering staff today to talk about how they can help make your corporate event a success.