Title Company

Title Company

A real estate transaction has so much going on. One deals with agents, brokers, inspectors, appraisers and more when they are buying or selling a home. It can be confusing to know what you are responsible for and who you can trust to have your best interests in mind throughout the process. 

Here are some considerations to make when choosing the title company. 

Who Chooses the Title Company?

In the transaction, the party paying is typically the one who gets to choose the service provider, like a title company professional, can explain. In most counties, the payer is typically the seller, although there may be some exceptions. Contact a local title company office in your county to find out if there are any exceptions in your local county. 

A title company can greatly influence whether a home purchase or sale closes successfully or not. 

Should You Use the Seller’s Title Company?

You shouldn’t be fearful of voicing your reservations about a title company. This is one area where real estate agents can be helpful. They may be able to point out any red flags with the companies you are comparing. However, it’s always important to do your own thorough research to ensure you are choosing the title company right for you. 

If you choose to utilize the seller’s title company, be sure you do the following:

  • Always read the fine print. Options can be selected or written into the contract, making you responsible for items that you may not be aware you’re agreeing to pay. Review the contract in detail, so you don’t risk paying additional fees at closing.
  • Look out for discounts. Discounts are often a way for title companies to ensure the buyer or seller will work with them. However, you must consider any additional costs you will have to pay based on the terms of the contract. Consult with a title company and have them review your contract to provide you with an accurate quote and compare the total fees with other title companies.
  • Seek the advice of your realtor. Hopefully your realtor has been through enough closings, so they know exactly what to expect during the process. 

How do you pick a Title Company?

In all circumstances, make sure you do your own homework on title insurance companies, as their service quality and closing experience ranges significantly. Get recommendations from friends and family, as well as your real estate agent, for a title company/escrow officer to work with. Contact a title company in your local area for all your real estate closing deals.